A Brief History Of JEISystems





Founded in 2010 and registered as a company as of 2012. The drive behind the venture was to prove I could become independently successful. As being from an academic background, I at least was educated in such a way that made me a wise and capable adult but essentially without the know how to be voluntarily pro-active for myself or others otherwise known as a entrepreneur/philanthropist.


I saw these as a necessary trait in order to progress outside of the education system, as being ambitious with career aspirations of success in the technology sector is very difficult to achieve due to the ever evolving technologies in use and in fashion.


The best way I saw to keep up with trends was to not only use resources at hand to gain knowledge but also to implement them through projects and ideas. My company being one of the ideas, actually the third idea, none of which I meant to monetise but have proved useful in me obtaining contracts for various roles in different industries.