Completed But Old Designs

Previous Web Designs


JEI systems

Previous look and feel to this site, was live and on-line for around 6 months



My old blogging site where everything i learnt and wanted to do was written about, now replaced by the blog on this site. Much of the blog entries on this site are from the previous blog site.


JEI systems


The second design of my on-line presence, this was a very simple non-interactive page that implemented JQuery, for a basic slideshow. 


JEI systems


Also the second design of my 3D model platform, it was not perfect but I learnt a bit whilst creating it.




A small scale company had a need for a website that had videos on show. This was what I created


Estate Agency


I did a case study into property websites, and delivered this site as an example, this was designed on-top of a RDMS SQL server using stored procedures