Completed personal skills projects



Since leaving university I have been setting goals to make me a more proficient software engineer from designing websites, hosted locally and remotely to my other talent in electronics of designing circuit boards within the space of a simulator. To name a few projects in chronological order:


First incarnation of JEISystems: HTML/Css Front-end with javascript and javabeans server-side. Included a blog of what I did and where I was going to do next.


Search Engine: Java coded implementation of a search engine with a SQL store. How it worked: user would enter a URL link to a website, the website would be downloaded locally and stored as a txt document where a find would take place for links and dominant tags such as "<title>". These links and tags would be stored in a database where a multithreaded operation would access the database and start the automated part of the application, being the same process of entering the URL link.


Temperature Monitor: Electronics project, with two heat resistors (resistance would vary upon temperature), both resistors were linked to a variable resistor to control the heat resistor sensitivity. This was plugged into a band filter to remove harmonics so the signal could be effectively converted from analogue to digital.


Blog: This was my second blog, a more generic technical blog for areas of interest


3D design: One of my hobbies is to design 3D objects in a design tool, I created a lot of designs so wanted somewhere to hold them and therefore created this website.


Estate Agency Website: A simple project with the aim to use stored procedures on a SQL server, as the name suggests it was for a (imaginary) estate agency.