Full-Stack development to cater for every need and aspect of business


Knowledge and skills in implementing responsive, multi-browser compatible and mobile friendly sites with user experience as the priority

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Creative understanding of bespoke systems and their needs for various projects and the ability to provide the best possible solution for an uncoupled and scalable API 

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Solution implementation of both NoSQL and Relational database management systems with data Access Layers

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Brief History

Founded in 2010 by James Ikpase (myself), JEI Systems main goal was to develop fully operating code for clients to use to streamline their business. The founder a university graduate studied Computer Engineering BEng. He has since been working towards earning experience within the industry whilst maintaining his business.

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Previous Experience

ITN: Upgrade of the text messaging service used by journalists

OFGEM: Feature enhancements and maintenance of several services.

AgeUK: Completion of the official website using EpiServer CMS

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News and updates

    Bunki Google Phone Application


    Monday, March 1, 2021

  • Bunki


    A project that has been in the works for over three years coming to completion. A Google app store app which allows users to communicate with one and over similar to a dating site but with the aim of getting room mates.

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  • GitHub portfolio


    Wednesday, October 9, 2019

  • Github account


    Boilerplate and exercises completed held on Github

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  • Wordpress - News and Reviews Site (Development)


    Saturday, December 10, 2016

  • WordPress


    Wordpress has always eluded me for it being written in PHP but for some unknown reason I have decided to have a go and use it, thankfully the support structure is great and the amount of available plugins to use and work with is attractive. The hope is to use wordpress as a proof of concept to create only a user interface, which is not what most would expect as it is a marketed as a CMS. In any case i want to use it as a means of displaying content from an API request only. Leaving it only required to manage presentation i.e. dynamic feel and usability

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Technical Blog

I am a hardware and software technology enthusiast and I want to absorb in as much knowledge as possible to better my understanding of the best methodologies in development. There comes a time when a central indexed repository is needed for reference. Normally, I would use Google but have gotten into the habit of logging more difficult and specific issues.

So I now have a technical blog where all this info is stored and categorised

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